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Rules is coming in ONE week!

November 1, 2019

The countdown is real! Rules, the final standalone in Greyford High series is releasing in ONE week! And today I'm taking you between the pages of Rules. 




“The hell, Brook? What are you doing here?”

His light eyes look at me expectedly, making me nervous. Sighing, I get in a sitting position and pull the blanket tightly around me. Unlike Max who seems comfortable even though he’s virtually naked, I want to keep every possible barrier between up.

“I was trying to sleep before you barged in and woke the whole neighborhood.”

His eyes narrow at me. “In my bed? What are you doing in my bed, Brook?”

“Jeanette let me crash here for the night,” I summarize the facts. He doesn’t need to know more than that. “She said you’ll be out and she’ll let you know, in case you do come, that your bed is occupied. Apparently, she forgot.”

“Apparently,” he agrees stoically.

The silence falls over us. I stare at him, partly because I don’t know what to say, but a small part of me can’t avert my gaze from his body.

God, he’s beautiful.

While most of our class is consistent of boys, Max is all man. He’s tall, well over six feet and towering over me. His body is toned and lean, every muscle sculptured to perfection.


Just like his attitude.

“Whatever…” his arms disentangle and fall to his sides as he walks to the other side of the bed. Or what would be the other side of the bed if I didn’t sleep in the middle.

“W-what are you doing?” my voice stutters as I watch him pull the blankets aside and sits on the edge.

“What does it look like I’m doing? Going to sleep.”

“In here?”

“It’s my bed.”

“But I’m sleeping in it,” I point out. 

Looking over his shoulder, his gray eyes find mine in the darkness. “Firecracker, it’s my bed. Either you sleep in here, with me, or you go and find another place to stay.”

My mouth parts, but no words come out. Is he for real? Apparently, he is because he lays down, pulling the blanket to cover his almost-naked body.

Jumpy, I move, leaving one big gap between us.

“What will it be, Brook?” He turns to his side, leaning against his forearm. “Are you staying or are you leaving?”





What to find out what happens next? Pre-order Rules so it lands on your Kindle at midnight on November 8th!


"My heart wasn't ready for this book." - Kimberly, K & M Sultry Reads









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