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Books by Anna B. Doe


New York Knights #3 (Anabel & William #2)

Happily ever after is actually just the beginning…  


Anabel Majer thought finding love would be the happy ending she’d been longing for. Turns out, she was wrong. Forever is before them, but first, they have to survive a year apart—and the long-distance relationship is killing her softly. Her heart breaks a little more with every step she takes away from the man she loves.


After finally finding the woman of his dreams, football star William Price isn’t about to let her go. Time and space stand in their way, but 4300 miles and 365 days won’t hold him back for long. When an opportunity presents itself, nothing will stop him from making Anabel his—for good.


He’s hers and she’s his, and nothing will stand in the way of the life they are planning. Holding on to love an ocean apart isn’t easy, but they are stronger than that.


Their’s forever.

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