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Upcoming Releases

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It Should Have Been Us (Bluebonnet Creek #1)

Release Date: Late 2023

Cover Reveal: TBA

Release Blitz: TBA

Blog Tour: TBA

Before Blairwood, there was Bluebonnet... 

Becky and Miguel used to gravitate around one another all through high school, until their friendship turned to more. Then life happened, and they went their separate ways. But now that the bad boy of football is back in his hometown to attend their friend's wedding while he recovers from an injury, will the high school sweethearts find their way back to each other? 

More info about this small town second chance sports romance coming soon!

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NYTCM (Bluebonnet Creek #2)

Release Date: 2024

Cover Reveal: TBA

Release Blitz: TBA

Blog Tour: TBA

The second book in Bluebonnet Creek, a small town sports romance, is coming in 2024. 

More info coming soon...


Katherine and Emmett - February 16th, 2024

It Should Have Been Us - summer, 2024

Callie and Hayden - fall, 2024


Kiss To Defy (Juno Publishing) - February 2024

It Should Have Been Us - spring 2024

Kiss To Remember (Juno Publishing) - July 2024


Kiss Me Forever (Heartbeat Edizioni) - December 2023

Kiss To Shatter (Heartbeat Edizioni) - March 2024

Kiss To Salvage (Heartbeat Edizioni) - May 2024

Rules (Heartbeat Edizioni) - July 2024

Kiss To Tempt (Heartbeat Edizioni) - 2024

Kiss Me Tenderly (Heartbeat Edizioni) - 2024

It Should Have Been Us - 2024


Kiss To Conquer - spring 2024

Kiss To Forget - late 2024

Rules (Tantor Media) - December 5th, 2023

Kiss To Shatter (Tantor Media) - February 20th, 2024

Kiss To Salvage (Tantor Media) - May 5th, 2024

Kiss To Tempt - 2024

Kiss Me Tenderly - 2024

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