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Kiss To Tempt, Blairwood University #5.6

All Vanessa Dawson ever craved was stability and family. Two words that don’t mesh well with a hotshot basketball player who’s eight years her junior.

Quinn McLannister has had a thing for Vanessa since the first time he laid his eyes on her at the age of seventeen, but she’s always seen him just as a kid at the community center.

When Vanessa catches her boyfriend cheating on her, she decides she’s done playing it safe. What a better time to let loose than over the summer? And what a better person to hook up with than the cute basketball player that’s been flirting with her for years?

She’s been tempting him for the past five years, but can he finally convince her to give him a real shot at love?

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Kiss To Salvage (Blairwood University #6)

Kiss To Salvage, a new interconnected standalone in the Blairwood University series by Anna B. Doe is coming in fall 2022. This story will follow Jade Cole in her sophomore year of college. As the demons of the past come back to hunt her, Jade will have to face her new reality all while falling in love with the guy she most definitely shouldn't even look at twice! 


All the books can be read as a standalone.

Full blurb coming soon...

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TBA (Bluebonnet Creek #1)

Release date TBA

Before Blairwood, there was Bluebonnet... 

Becky and Miguel used to gravitate around one another all through high school, until their friendship turned to more. Then life happened, and they had to go their separate ways. But now that the bad boy of football is back in his hometown recovering from an injury, will the high school sweethearts find their way back to each other? 

More info about this small town second chance sports romance coming soon!

Release date: 2023

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The Hotshot Player (Greyford High #6)

Release date TBA

Cover Reveal: TBA

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Full blurb coming soon...

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