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Books by Anna B. Doe

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It Should Have Been Us (Bluebonnet Creek #1)

My high school sweetheart, the boy who shattered my heart, is back in our small town, and there will be no avoiding him for the next two weeks…


Only there is nothing boyish about Miguel Fernandez. The NFL’s best rookie defensive end is even more wickedly handsome than he was four years ago—tall, with abs for days, all that unruly hair, and eyes so dark they swallow you whole. 


And that’s exactly what he’s doing every time our paths cross.


I shouldn’t let it affect me. After all, there was a good reason why we broke up in the first place. But no matter how much I try to put some distance between us, it’s impossible to stay away when our childhood friends are getting married.


Not only is he attending the wedding. He is in the wedding—the best man to my maid of honor. There will be no escaping the boy who destroyed me completely with his betrayal or stopping the secrets I kept from coming out…

NOTE: It Should Have Been Us contains dark and mature themes appropriate for readers 18+. For the full list of trigger warnings please visit

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