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Books by Anna B. Doe


New York Knights #1 (Anabel & William #1)

She is everything he ever wanted.


He is everything she needs to stay away from.


College graduate Anabel Majer is feeling lost. With the uncertainty of her future weighing on her, she accepts a job as an au pair. Traveling to the States was supposed to be a chance to find herself beyond her life in Croatia, not get swept away by a handsome stranger.


A Super Bowl ring is the only thing New York Knights quarterback William Price is missing. Or so he thought. After meeting a gorgeous nanny with a sexy accent, he soon realizes she’s everything he’s ever wanted. Her hot and cold signals are throwing him off his game, but he won’t give up easily.


One night, their lives collide, and nothing will ever be the same. Anabel’s time in America is limited, but William won’t let anything stand in his way of getting the girl of his dreams, because sometimes to find what’s missing, you have to get a little lost.

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